Below is a list of contacts for the Society.

Wendy Barbeau
Director of Michael's Place
Bill Lennert
Director of Warehouse & Recycling Operations
412-321-1071 x350
Bryan Engel
Donation Acquisition Coordinator
412-321-1071 x352
Brittany Barnicott
Manager of Special Projects & Social Media
412-321-1071 x202
Mike Calorie
Director of Conference Formation
412-321-1071 x203
Darlene Collier
Director of Administration & Human Resources
412-321-1071 x200
Carolyn Kintzing
Director of Thrift Store Operations
412-321-1071 x205
Lisa Sherwood
Administrative Executive Assistant
412-321-1071 x209
James Taylor
Administrative Coordinator
412-321-1071 x204
Peter Yohe
Director of Finance
412-321-1071 x201