Shift Manager

Looking for a job with a purpose?  Work for a non-profit and not a soul crushing alternative.  

St. Vincent de Paul gives back to our community right here in Allegheny County (and surrounding counties) and you are making a difference in other people’s lives just by working here!  It’s a fun, rewarding, and a fast-paced place to work!

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: 

  1. Supervise and coordinate the activities of the employees.
  2. Assist in directing all store departments in the rotation of floor items, sorting processing, pricing, marketing, and waste removal.
  3. Oversee procedures for handling SVDP clients with vouchers.
  4. Provide direction and motivation to employees for tasks vital to the success of the store’s operation.
  5. Assist the Store Manager and Assistant Manager in fostering a positive work environment for employees.
  6. Maintain open dialogue with the Store Manager and Assistant Manager concerning all employee and customer issues, as well as the day-to-day operations/needs of the store.
  7. Work with management to identify, plan and develop methods to increase sales and efficiency of store operations.
  8. Enforce company policies and procedures.
  9. Make recommendations regarding disciplinary action and other personnel actions to the Store Manager as appropriate.
  10. Follow proper chain of command with any employee or customer issue that requires upper management intervention.
  11. Assist the Store Manager in reconciling cash with sales receipts; submit operating records and prepare daily record of transactions for Finance Director in the absence of the Store Manager or at the request of the Store Manager.
  12. Oversee daily cash control policies in the absence of the Store Manager or at the request of the Store Manager, which includes making daily bank deposits and ensuring that each register drawer has the proper funds for business.
  13. Assist customers as needed by providing knowledge and respect.
  14. Keep accurate records of outside services in the absence of the Store Manager or at the request of the Store Manager, including but not limited to snow removal and trash removal.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned.