Schedule A Donation Drive

St. Vincent de Paul is offering non-profits a unique fundraising opportunity. Host a donation drive and earn money (it’s that simple).

  1. Contact our Marketing Director, Bryan Engel, with the following information: name, organization, phone number, email address, and three potential dates for your donation drive.
  2. If one of your preferred dates is available, St. Vincent de Paul will send you a flyer to assist you in promoting your Donation Drive. We will also post it on our website’s Events Calendar.
  3. Your non-profit promotes the Donation Drive and can begin collecting donation items.
  4. On the date of the Donation Drive, we will bring a truck and staff to the event location and collect donations for a three hour time frame.
  5. At the end of the drive, we will bring the truck back, weigh the items and send your non-profit a check based on the amount of pounds received.

Accepted items include: clothes (gently worn, no holes or stains), shoes, linens, small electronics (must be in working order), toys and stuffed animals.

Items not accepted include: TVs, baby items, dishes, sports and exercise equipment, medical equipment, microwaves, open puzzles and games, textbooks, magazines, encyclopedias. For the full list of items we cannot accept, please click here.

  • Check takes 4-5 weeks to send out
  • Non-profits must have at least 2 people at the drive to collect donations and bring them to the truck

To schedule a donation drive or for more information, please contact Bryan Engel via email at