Introducing Dominique Jetter, Intern

Introducing Dominique Jetter, Intern

The staff at the Council office of SVdP recently welcomed student intern, Dominique Jetter, as she joined them in their work.  Dominque is a freshman at Nazareth Prep High School, which is affiliated with and operated by the Holy Family Institute of Pittsburgh.  

Nazareth Prep High School was founded about ten years ago and it currently enrolls about 100 students.  The school requires that all students in grades 9-12 participate in an internship one day a week throughout each of their high school years.   Those internships may be served in both the corporate and the non-profit sectors within the greater Pittsburgh area.   The school even provides transportation for students to and from their internship sites.

The coordinator of the program, Randy Lheureau, says that students are graded at the end of the year for the work that they have done.   However, the goal is to have them learn and understand the various skills and abilities that they will need in whatever career interests they eventually pursue.   Things like good communication skills, the ability to meet deadlines and expectations, and general overall growth as young people entering the working world.

Dominique will be working on a variety of things in the main administrative office, but so far has been assisting with the many phone call messages from friends in need who contact the office seeking assistance.  Receiving those calls, she then directs people to the appropriate conferences with the hope of obtaining some help.  In doing so, she is learning many of the skills that will eventually help her as she moves through life.  She says that she is enjoying what she does and is even ‘having fun’!

Our best wishes to Dominique and to the Nazareth Prep program.   If anyone has any further interest or questions about it, feel free to contact Randy, who will be happy to speak with you.  He can be reached directly at the school at 412-307-0230 x1395 or