Where there’s a will, there’s a way: Designate a Bequest to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Council of Pittsburgh

Planned giving is a noble and impactful way to ensure that the values you hold dear are perpetuated beyond your lifetime. One such avenue for making a lasting difference is by designating a bequest to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Council of Pittsburgh. This act not only reflects your commitment to helping those in need but also serves as a beacon of hope for the less fortunate in our community.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Council of Pittsburgh (SVdP) has long been a steadfast presence—171 years young—extending a helping hand to individuals and families facing adversity. Through its dedicated volunteers and compassionate initiatives, the organization has touched countless lives, providing essential resources, support, and comfort to those navigating challenging circumstances.

The process of making a bequest is relatively straightforward. After consulting with your legal and financial advisors, you can include a provision in your will outlining the specifics of your bequest. This might involve a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount, or even the residue of your estate after other obligations have been fulfilled. The bequest can be directed towards a particular program or initiative that resonates with you, ensuring that your values and intentions are honored.

Planned giving through a bequest holds several advantages. It allows you to make a significant impact on an organization you care deeply about while potentially providing your estate with tax benefits. Moreover, it provides a sense of fulfillment, knowing that your commitment to the SVdP will endure and continue to make a positive impact for generations to come.

As you embark on this journey of planned giving, take the time to reflect on the values that have guided your life and the legacy you wish to leave behind. By designating a bequest to the SVdP, you are extending the reach of your compassion and ensuring that your commitment to serving the less fortunate remains an enduring force well into the future.

In a world where challenges persist, your planned giving becomes a catalyst for transformation. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Council of Pittsburgh, through its commitment to our neighbors in need, is ready to honor your legacy by continuing to uplift and empower those who need it the most. Please let us know about your intention to honor SVdP through a planned gift. You will be able to guide the impact of your gift during your lifetime and ensure your values and commitment to St. Vincent de Paul are recognized. Your bequest is more than a financial contribution; it’s a testament to the enduring power of compassion and a tangible way to shape a better future for all.

Please contact Jennifer Thoma, director of development, at 412.321.1071×1204 for more information on how you can include the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in your future philanthropic and spiritual legacies and ensure their transformative impact.