SOS Collaboration Continues

SOS Collaboration Continues

SVdP continues with a collaborative endeavor in which we partner with two other organizations to help friends in need with various aspects of getting back on track in life.   That effort is called the SOS Collaboration.

Those other organizations are Skyline Recovery Pittsburgh, which houses persons who have previously been incarcerated or struggling with addiction, and Off The Floor Pittsburgh Furniture Bank which provides furniture at a significantly discounted price.  Alongside them, SVdP hopes to increase our ability to help friends in need. 

Skyline Recovery maintains four recovery houses in the Pittsburgh area, three of which are for men and one for women, who are trying to get their lives together and become self-sufficient.   The cost of a monthly stay at these homes is about half what a normal apartment in the area would cost.   Residents come and go as they please within the boundaries of rules that benefit all who live there.  The ultimate goal for them is to find their own place of residence and become self-sufficient.

Off The Floor is located on the Northside of the city and has been in operation for 20 years.   It provides all types of furniture and furnishes approximately 1,000 homes each year.   They have a steady record of fully furnishing four homes per day in the area.  Off The Floor charges partner agencies a set fee of $275 for all furniture delivered, regardless of amount of furniture with the exception being an extra $50 for a new mattress.

Furniture items are obtained through a system in which persons needing furniture must obtain a referral from a partnering agency that OTF is associated with.   SVdP and its many conferences are one of those agencies.  Once a referral is submitted, OTF schedules and delivers whatever the client needs to their home address.   

Persons wishing to donate to Off The Floor also must go to the OTF website to submit their request to schedule a furniture pick-up.  That process includes the donating person to acknowledge that items are in good shape.  

As we proceed in this collaboration, SVdP hopes to grow in this coordinated effort with these organizations, as well as other local organizations, to provide wrap around services and more comprehensively help those friends in need in western Pennsylvania.  

Please keep all three of these organizations and their workers/volunteers in your prayers.